Shutdown in Spain Means an Online Dating Boom

Spain is one of the countries that were hit the hardest, if not the hardest, when it comes to the Corona pandemic. Since the middle of the March, there’s a complete lock-down mandated. The only opportunity to get out is when one needs to take care of his vital needs – groceries, pharmacy etc.

Not even spending time outside in the nature is allowed, which is especially painful in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, where tourism is a fundamental part of its economy. This also limits the work opportunities as the hospitality business is hit the hardest. Internet is the only refuge from isolation for many.

The traffic numbers, also for our Spanish offer in imaXcash, have seen a major spike in the last couple of weeks! Of course this also translated in higher earnings in general, and we’re certainly glad for this when it comes to our partners and their bottom line.

Even if you haven’t promoted in Spain yet, it is not too late to start building and grabbing a piece of the Spanish traffic pie. One can use the countless advanced media buying options, when it comes to conversion and earnings – that’s our part. Take advantage of the 70 % Rev-share, the CPA offer about to follow very soon – wishing you the best of earnings!