6 Tips for Successful Newsletter Marketing

Newsletters are far from dead, in fact they still may be, according to some metrics, one of the biggest parts of one’s marketing mix. But the logical question is what makes one’s newsletter successful – and why is the conversion and open rate with one way better than with the other one. The devil is hidden in the details, as it’s pretty much always the case. Let’s see a couple of basic tips / steps that may improve one’s emailing:

1. What is your Goal?

As with everything else, one first has to know what he wants before he can achieve it. So the question translated here is whether you want to get feedback from your customers, get new customers to join, get former customers to re-activate, send a special preview of an offer you prepare.. you name it.

2. Structure and Design

Depending on your goal – the structure and design of your template should fully support it. Most importantly – it’s crucial that the email receiver immediately recognizes what is the newsletter about. Most important information and selling points need to have a prominent placement.

3. Subject

This may often be your one and only chance to attract the end receiver to open your email. There’s about 40 characters you can use to make your future customer open the email – think deep, a little bit of click bait title doesn’t harm.

4. Personalisation

Using the name of the of the receiver may make for a little bit of an extra personal touch.

5. Copywriting

Don’t go with cliches that are overused or language that’s not really interesting or appealing in any way. Getting a little bit creative may be the deal breaker when it comes to making your newsletter read all the way till the end.

6. Testing nad Analysing

As with everything, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, however you should definitely know, if that wheel works the way you wanted it to. Trying out several templates over time gets you a lot of insight of what gets clicked and what the user reaction and behavior is.