Mobile Advertising – The Basics

The importance of mobile advertising doesn’t need to be stressed, since the majority of users these days already do access the internet on mobile devices aka smartphones and tablets. Online dating or entertainment offers are no different. While the advertising in this part is a daily brad for pretty much all the brands out there, it may get challenging to keep on top of all the changes and requirements there.

The first and most important part is to keep in mind that the attention span is getting shorter and shorter. When it comes to mobile – one never knows where exactly does the customer use his mobile at the moment. Instead of complex ads that include storytelling – it may be better to bet on a catchy picture and text that’s bound to get attention.

While one can include some interactivity or play time within the ad it should not keep the user busy longer than when he’s about to click the ad, so don’t overdo this, as the last thing an advertiser wants is for the user to get bored with his interactive ad and leave.

When it comes to video ads then one important thing is the aspect ratio and position. Pretty much nobody uses his mobile in a horizontal position so any video content should respect that. What makes sense is to test multiple video ad formats as well, with not making them longer than 15 seconds, as that’s believed to be the maximum length accepted customer wide.

What’s specific about mobile is that one can make the call to action actionable on the spot. Not only to sign up, but to add bookmarks for various events, saving or using all sorts of discounts or coupons. The new horizons are something brand new for many marketers and a great opportunity to think outside of the box!