Are Video Ads Worth Using for Online Dating Promotion?

The answer lies in whether users consume and prefer video – the answer is – YES! One that doesn’t use Videos for his content is missing out, since he’s not present in one huge and ever bigger medium. Even when it comes to affiliate promotion, one can use videos creatively in order to get his share of video traffic and boost his traffic and conversion numbers.

Of course when it comes to casual and more flirty dating, social networks are often not very open or friendly to video promotion. But videos do have a plenty of use when it comes to promotion. Take advantage of the brand new video ads in imaXcash!

These are turn key promo tools that can be used either in slider, or in a video player. With both options can one customize the player’s color or whether the ad should auto-play. Three different formats are available for download.

Generate codes for your video ads and test them on your websites. Our internal testing so far exceeded the expectations. Let it exceed yours as well – make this Fall count and generate more traffic and conversions with our video ads!