Mobile index is still delayed

Last year in October, some webmasters and SEO’s have become a bit stiff in the stomach. Google announced at the time that they are working hard on the search results and will launch soon a new index based on the mobile search – also for the desktop search! It was only a few months that this changeover should take place and reminded some website owners that they should work on mobile positioning.

Last week, there was an all-clear. On the SMX West in California, Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, announced that the change will probably not come as fast as planned and it would take a few more months.

As a reason for the delay, Illyes called problems in programming. Via the desktop, more signals are transmitted than via mobile. So it is difficult to create a good and fair ranking with little information. If the search engine continues to provide quality, they have to take the time to work on this problem.

For all those who should also work on their website, the Google employee also has tips: Content is also important for the mobile version of the website. If the content for which you want to rank is not available in the mobile version, it will go wrong. Also check the rel attributes on the page and use structured data mobile. If these points have been observed, it should not lead to loss of ranking.