Dating in Australia – somehow different!

‘The Land Down Under’ the famous Aussie term constructed for Australia because of it’s position in the southern hemisphere. For many of us quite far away who haven’t had the opportunity as yet to vacation there, only have pictures of kangaroos, great beaches and Aborigines in mind. If you look a little further, Australia is very different to other countries of the world. This does not mean that it is negative!

Australians love their footy (Australian soccer), meat in every form and life in cities. With 24.6 million inhabitants on 7,692,000 m2, the country is one of the least population density in the world, and virtually nothing is happening in the middle of the country – a good 90 per cent of Australians prefer to live in the cities, on the coasts and to enjoy life to the fullest there.

The low average age of 37.5 years is also noticeable in Australia as the fact that as early as 2015 nearly 85% of all residents had Internet access and used it. The Australians are generally fond of online, often using social networks and other offers. This also includes dating offers of all kinds, for which the Australians also likes to spend money.

And here comes the next point where Australians differ from other countries: in this country there isn’t really a dating culture per se. In other countries for example, after the 3rd Date sex follows, everything runs slightly different in Australia. There you take the time to learn a little more about the person before you think about how it could go on. Perhaps that is why dating sites are so popular? Because in Australia really some messages are exchanged before it goes to the actual dating. In any case, it is worth noting that women are very active in dating as well, and they have no problem talking to men. The proportion of women in dating offers is quite high compared to men.

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