Screaming Frog Spider Tool

If you manage some websites, you will be familiar with the common problems: Have you thought about Title & Description anywhere? Are there duplicate descriptions that you should change? Are all sub-sites linked and thus searchable for search engines? And do all external links still work? There is always something to do and if you do it all by hand, you would probably be busy around the clock. Fortunately, there are nice tools that take over such tasks.

With the Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool, which is offered free of charge for download, you get a small, but fine desktop tool, which controls Sites with up to 500 subsides for free. Status messages are output, and titles, descriptions, etc. are displayed, even with character length. So you quickly see if there is something terribly wrong or whether there is still need for optimization.

The video reveals even more about the functionality of the tool: