SEO: Get more with Title and Description

No question: title and description are amongst the important aspects of on-page optimization. Especially if the title is given a lot of importance, in it the keyword should be right at the beginning and if it is, further important keywords follow. But with the title, much more can be achieved, especially when combined with the description, it not only makes sense, but also makes the user curious.

A good ranking in search engines can bring quite a lot of visitors – or even a missed use of time and money. The latter is especially the case, if simply no value is laid on what is actually in the title and the description stands. A cluttering of keywords and a bit of blabla may work well for the algorithm of the search engine, but for people they are simply not appealing. And they should finally click and then in the following buy the offer. It makes sense to align these things with visitors and not just with algorithms.

So if you have really good placements in Google and Co., but somehow not so much visitors as it should actually be, just think. Of course, keywords are important, but you can also pack them nicely. For example, in titles that make you curious and encourage them to click. How could such a thing look like? Let’s say your keyword is Dating in XXX. Normally you will then take the keyword and then maybe add a few variations behind it.

Possible alternatives include:

  • 7 tips for successful dating in XXX (figures convey impression of facts)
  • 2017: How Dating works in XXX today (annual figures suggest actuality)
  • Dating in XXX: Click and learn how to do it! (Call to action)
  • When did you last have success with Dating in XXX? (Questions make link)

You see, there can be a lot of things to make titles more interesting and appeal to the visitor. If the description is matched, the probability of a click is even higher and you can get even more from your good positions!