Dating in the land of mountains and bankers

In Europe, Switzerland is seen quite differently. Some like to go on holiday in the mountains and love the cheeses and the chocolates from the small country. Some people see a great power in the financial sector in Switzerland and find it frightening how expensive everything is there; and others admire the Swiss for their independence and neutrality. Ultimately, the country is still known as tax havens. But Switzerland still has much more to offer than that. In the rather small country bordering on five neighboring countries with German, French, Italian and Romansh as official languages, one is very internet affine and have no reservations going online to search for a date.

At present there are about 8.4 million inhabitants living in Switzerland. Basically, the people there are very traditionally conscious, but they also like innovations and they are open for new technologies. It is therefore hardly surprising that in Switzerland the marriage is still very popular. Most people are almost always married especially if they have children- and divorces are rather rare. Thus, the share of singles in Switzerland from a certain age is really very small. The proportion of those who are looking for a side jump in online dating is growing. For even in a fixed relationship the desire for variety comes up.

This is true in Switzerland not only for men but also for women. They are also very active and like to take the first step. It is particularly gratifying that the Swiss also like to spend money on good offers and are also very reliable payers, which with good service the offer long time the loyalty hold. So it is worth looking at this market more closely and trying to be lucky. However, it is also recommended to attract a local to create the advertising texts – because the Swiss language is very special.

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