Apple wants to conquer the ad market

To generate traffic, only a few can rely on search engine optimization alone. So it is now normal to buy ads and in addition to networks with specific orientation of course, Facebook Ads and Google Adwords can play a major role. Both companies can benefit from their advertising business and make a significant contribution to their sales. It’s not surprising NApple now wants a piece of the cake.

Apple plans to build an ad network with Snap and Pinterest. It is planned that Apple distributes the ads on the apps and also divides the revenue. Already with the first attempts in the advertisement market Apple has made good experience. The ability to run search terms ads in the app store has brought in almost $1 billion last year. It definitely makes sense for Apple not only to pursue this approach, but also to expand it.

Apple ventured into an area that they claimed they did not want to touch. To use customer data for the advertising business has so far been excluded by CEO Tim Cook. But especially for the App Store advertising they use customers’ such as name, age, address, downloads and much more. Google and Facebook have had fewer problems using ad data for their ad business. Especially for mobile advertising, both together currently occupy 60 percent of the market – an advantage that should not be underestimated.

Whether Apple together with Snap and Pinterest can conquer the mobile advertising market, will definitely show and needless to say would be very exciting!