Simply export AdWords data!

Anyone who works with ads knows how important the evaluation of the data is. The knowledge about impressions, conversions and of course the costs are essential if no money is to be wasted. To do this, Adwords publishes statistics which helps with analyzing campaigns. In the Adwords account itself, however, it can quickly become confusing and complicated when many campaigns are to be shown or comparisons made. Then a spreadsheet is just better for keeping track. Of course, an export has always been possible, but now is a beta testing option that promises even more comfort.

The Google Sheets now have an add-on for Adwords making it easier to import data without the need to be on your own again and again. Google takes a step forward with advertisers and even gives them the ability to import data from multiple accounts into their sheets. Especially for agencies, as it is a huge relief in their daily work. But even marketers who do not work for other customers can save a lot of time and effort with this feature.

Currently the addon is only in beta, but already available here. After the installation, the connection to the Adwords account can be established and it is also possible to define which sections should be considered for the import of the data. This makes it possible to create tailor-made reports that can also be further personalized via filters. Already created reports can be updated with new data from Adwords – and of course there is also an administration of the access rights. So all in all, the addon promises to help analyze AdWords campaigns.