What makes e-mail marketing successful?

Everywhere you read: newsletters are not dying out, but are still amongst the biggest sellers. We can only confirm that and put a lot of work and energy into this area ourselves. But what makes a newsletter really successful and why has one set of conversions been better over the other? The secret lies in the details – as so often. But, actually it is no secret, but there are just a few tips that you should heed!

1. What do you want to achieve?
Of course, before you can succeed, you first have to define what it should look like. Before every single email and especially before each campaign, the questions should be: what should it bring? Do you want to turn contacts into customers? Reactivate Former Customers? Or maybe send a one-time offer or just keep the contacts warm?

2. Construction and design
Depending on what you want to achieve, the structure of the mailing may look different. However, it is always important that the recipient can quickly see what it is all about. Important information should therefore be placed above-the-fold and also appealing graphics and call-to-actions must not be missing.

3. The subject
Even before a recipient sees the mail, hopefully the subject will make you curious! There should be about 40 characters, appealing words to the customer making him open the mail. Not much space for such an important message!

4. Personalization
Wherever possible, personalization should also be used. So you have a name from the receiver, use it too. This immediately creates a completely different basis and gives the reader a better feeling.

5. Proper formulations
In every area there are phrases that everyone uses – and no potential customer wants to read more. Especially in newsletters, it can make sense to formulate the texts more creatively and thus stand out from the crowd.

6. Analyze and test
Finally, the work does not end by sending the mail, because then every newsletter should also be evaluated. Only then can you see where there are still potentials. A / B tests can be used to make further improvements that increase the success!