Are you already using signup boxes?

We all know that with each click a user has to do this action to login, there is also a risk that he will break off the sign-up process. If you promote a product in a special way, but can only refer to it by using advertising material, then an additional click is necessary – and users and thus money can be lost. With the SignUp boxes, you can now easily avoid this click and do not have to send the user to another product before a lead can be made.

With the SignUp boxes, we offer you the opportunity to integrate the registration form directly on your website or blog. Your visitors can enter their data (e-mail address, etc.) directly on your website and sign up for the product for free. After signing up, they will then receive a confirmation e-mail, as will be the case when registering directly with the product. And only then, when they make the confirmation and want to go to the members area, they leave your website.

You can easily generate these SignUp boxes in imaXcash and even have many other options to adapt the boxes to your needs. There are several boxes available for preselection, which query various data from the user. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to change other things such as fonts, colors, sizes, etc. and also the background color is customizable and you can attach your own parameters to the code for the box. All adjustments you can see in a preview and if the SignUp box is ready, you can generate the code and install it immediately. Of course, all generated SignUp boxes can also be saved, so that you can refer back to them later.

How do you like the SignUp boxes and where will you integrate them?