Mobile-First Index – Google gives answers

The Mobile-First Index is there, but the website owners do not know how to handle it. Especially in the technical field, there are still some questions. However, Google does not leave the website owners alone, but strives on Twitter to answer frequent questions. So it pays to take a look every now and then to get important information directly from first hand. But what are the most common questions and answers?

The aim of the Mobile-First Index is to index the content of the mobile version of a website. But what if there are different URLs for the desktop and mobile variants? Then Google recognizes this correctly and displays the correct URL for each user. The content will still be indexed from the mobile site.

A major problem is the cache bug, which can occur on websites that are already indexed according to the new principle. Because it can happen that when you call the cache version not the contents, but an error or a blank page are displayed. Google assures that this has no impact on the ranking and that they are already working to fix this bug.

A website operator are also worried about whether the navigation, in the special Hamburger menu (navigation appears after clicking on the icon) may be a disadvantage. Google says no and states that even these “hidden” menus are easily detected.

Otherwise Google point out on Twitter again that also websites are indexed mobile, which are not aimed at it. So even without a responsive version, a website gets into the mobile index. Only the ranking will probably not be as positive as comparable websites, which are designed for mobile devices.

Of course, there are even more questions and answers regarding the Mobile-First Index. But those are best read directly on Twitter!