Using your own cloud solution?

Own cloud servers are increasingly coming into focus. With Europe in particular, with regard to the new Data Protection Regulation, which came into force in May 2018. It is not a bad idea to use self-hosted solutions for cloud servers and if in doubt, this saves a lot of paperwork and can be regarded as relatively safe. But it is precisely the safety that still causes doubt on the other side. After all, you want to know your data is protected without becoming an IT security expert. Nextcloud therefore offers a solution that should attract a lot of interest.

Hosting cloud services yourself is a good idea if you know it. At least that’s how it has been so far. If you want to store your data securely in the cloud, you must ensure that no one can access it without authorization. Users were becoming overwhelmed as too much depends on it and various tools were complicated which should actually be support. Nextcloud, the provider of a cloud hosting solution, has always put a lot of emphasis on ease-of-use along with security, and a few months ago provided a new extension with end-to-end encryption.

With the extension, it is possible to protect selected folders and files with end-to-end encryption – and quite simply, without requiring special knowledge about encryption. Of course, there is also a server and client software that can be used for this extension. The keys are assigned via server-side signed certificates and it is also possible to generate certificates using their own hardware security modules and offline keys are also possible.

If you do not want to put your data in someone else’s hands or if you want to host them within Europe, then this solution is certainly on the right track.