A Rare Multi App Use Tool

How many tools do you use on a daily basis? For sure at least one To Do App, one app for keeping notes, probably some kind of Wiki, then of course a text and a table processor, a calendar – and some more. One needs to combine its input during the work day and although these apps generally are compatible, sort of an “integrator” that lets one use these together and keep an overview.

Since its inception in a relative obscurity in 2016, Notion.so is an app that’s making waves. One that’s difficult to exactly pinpoint since one can adapt it to one’s needs. At the end of the day, it’s an app that everyone can tailor according to his own needs, and once he does, it’s difficult to work without it.

Notion is entirely modular so it enables one to completely customize its features and functions. There are ready made templates for notes, weekly plans, Kanban-Boards, Calendar, and much more. Und who can’t use one of these templates, can create their own. The interface is rather intuitive and the options are wide.

One can then integrate and link the other tools you already use, so the work flow remains in tact and even gets smoother. One can start with a free version for test and upgrade to a pro version once needed. Worth checking out!