Push Notifications Matter

Push notifications surely are a useful tool for re-engaging your user base. While pretty much everybody does get push notifications aka what they understand as notifications on their smart phone, not that much widespread or used are push notifications on the web.

Why is email marketing still so effective in marketing and why is messenger still the preferred way of communication with your customer? With all these you can engage and re-activate customers that may have noticed your offer but never acted on it. And this is exactly where push marketing for web works best.

The big advantage is that all the user needs to do is to make one click and gets all the future ads / special offers or notifications. Without having to install or confirm anything. So the ease of opt in and opt out is a great plus. Of course another part is that the engagement comes with proper timing and proper text work on the offers. With solid copywriting one can get a click through rate in double digit percent rate. Especially when it comes to discounts and special offers.

There’s plenty of push notification providers and many do even offer the service for free, up tot the certain amount of subscribers. The stats are also mostly built-in so one can see what works and what does not. If you don’t use push notifications yet – you’re leaving money on the table!